National Parks in Canada

Almost endless expanse, pristine nature and national parks, which is what we associate with Canada. Somehow the whole country seems an already like a huge natural park.This may certainly be because that there are around 40 national parks and park reserves are in Canada, whose position also often also still interprovincial. It all started with the first National Park in Canada in 1885, as in the Rocky Mountains, a part of territory of the region was protected by the Sulphur Mountain, which now belongs to the famous Banff National Park.

To plan a trip to Canada, the summer is usually preferred. Finally, you have the idea that it is climatically considered is one of the colder regions. Of course, here the winters are harder, especially in the northern areas of the country. But Canada is actually bereisenswert every season. Nature offers particularly impressive experiences in the late summer. The time between the middle / end of August and November, for example, a good opportunity to observe grizzlies, while they erode the necessary winter fat catching salmon. On the east coast of Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia), you can take an extraordinary tour and observe numerous species of whales. The Canadians strict vigilance of their national parks and nature.

Rightly. Because the immense biodiversity, the large number of rare and protected animals and plants eventually have a right to their healthy and at the same undisturbed habitat. A conflict between tourism and nature should be avoided, which unfortunately is not always feasible. The people who live in the parks and reserves, have embarked on a life with nature and know that the natural resources through hunting or agriculture should not or only under certain conditions be used in the parks. After all, there is nothing that is more important and glamorous to be allowed as discover an untouched nature. These offer the National Parks in Canada ample opportunity.