Hiking and horseback riding in Canada

On foot or on horseback to discover Canada – a travel dream that many nature lovers wish come true love. No wonder, since the country is predestined to explore it in this way. And it is well prepared for the fact that tourists use this original travel option.Ultimately, Canada has been “captured” in the early days of the former settlers that.Walking and riding in Canada is obviously a lot more comfortable now. But the opportunity to relive the original travel of the settlers there, still today.

Tour operators in the various provinces have tours by covered wagon in the program. A very special way of locomotion to experience nature there very directly. Who wants to experience the country and people on foot, is preparing for a hiking holiday in Canada. The country has an exceptionally well signposted network of hiking trails. This “Trails” as they are called in Canada, are in the many area of outstanding national parks. Ensure the Rocky Mountains and Niagara Falls only a few highlights are, because everywhere there is a rare and exciting flora and fauna to be discovered.

The same goes for a riding holiday in Canada. It has almost a bit archaic to experience Canada on horseback. A little experience should, however, bring and begin not only there with the riding. In addition, horse and rider should get along and a little time for common acquaintance is already important. Finally, a bit of each other is in fact dependent. Horse riding holidays in Canada can be booked on site and in the domestic travel agency. Whether you want to hike in Canada or there a riding holiday plans – for both types of travel, there are guided groups. If you like it more comfortable to look for routes of which end at the end of a day in a hotel or guest house and not somewhere in a tent in the great outdoors.

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