British Columbia

British Columbia is the third largest province in Canada. With approximately 950,000 km², it is as large as the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and France together. British Columbia takes almost ten percent of the total area of Canada, and is bordered to the northwest by the Northwest Territories, on the east by the province of Alberta and to the south by the US states Montana, Idaho and Washington. In British Columbia about four million people from different nations and can this province on the Pacific coast called multilingual, because in addition to English and French, Italian, Chinese, German and other languages ​​and dialects are spoken here.

Most people in British Columbia live in Vancouver and far less in the provincial capital of Victoria, in the southwestern region of the country. The rest of the country is sparsely populated; here was much the originality left and nature is dominated by huge forest areas. British Columbia is characterized by different climates. They range from arctic influences in the north to dry, desert-like areas in the southern part of the country. Of the numerous natural protected areas and national parks, some belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of them is a group of islands about 600 km to the north of Vancouver and is called Gwaii Haana National Park.

Here not only the culture of the Haida Indians is preserved, but also protected a rare flora and fauna on 138 islands.Cross-border of Kootenay National Park is located in southeastern British Columbia. He goes into the neighboring province of Alberta in Banff National Park. It is due to different altitudes, a region of different ecosystems to thrive in the 100-meter-high Douglas fir and also the fragile ears cactus. Waipitis, bears, cougars and coyotes live here. No wonder that the UNESCO has declared the Park a World Heritage Site. Another, quite romantic way to discover British Columbia, the sightseeing trains of the railway company in Canada, the spectacular routes are called their own.