Confined between the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan to the east, British Columbia to the west and the Northwest Territories in northern Alberta is that counts thanks to the oil resources as the richest province in Canada. Named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, a daughter of Queen Victoria, who coined by prairie landscapes province with nearly 662,000 square kilometers, almost three times the size of Great Britain and has about three million inhabitants; about as many as the city of Berlin.

In the center of the country is Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta, whose size and population, however, surpassed by Calgary, where 1988 Winter Olympics took place. The most valuable possession of the province of Alberta is your nature. There are many major parks, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the larger, existing since 1907, Parks, is the Jasper National Park in the Rocky Mountain region of the Alberta shared with British Columbia. Here live in the wild wolves, bears, moose and various deer species, and only rarely encountered woodland caribou.

The Banff National Park, founded in 1885 counts, the world’s oldest national parks. He is heavily developed and, like the Jasper National Park boasts with numerous wild animals and rare birds. Thick pinewoods, mountain lakes and wide valleys characterize the landscape of the park. In the northwest of the province of Alberta, and already in the periphery to the permafrost, the Wood Buffalo National Park is located. A wild, almost untouched natural landscape with countless small and large lakes, swamps and rivers. The Park is geographically slightly larger than Switzerland and home to a rare fauna, to which the eponymous wood bison, other buffalo species and the few remaining nesting sites of the endangered whooping crane belong. Those who want to find out about the historical details of the country, is in the region around Edmonton in good hands. The provincial capital was once prosperous trading post of the famous Hudson Bay Company and later the basis for the prospectors Klondike.